Helping People live in their own homes for longer

Our Company

Digital Home Care is a brand owned by TeleHealth Central, a company entirely focused upon supporting vulnerable people at home. 

Our management team and our partners bring many years practical experience to this mission.


Our Approach


We have applied this hands-on experience and our development skills to build a technology supported 'care ecosystem' for our customers and their families.

We firmly believe that our services are paramount and technology is there to enable and enhance services.

People are Paramount

Alongside digital support for independent living, we're able to combine Personal Carer visits as appropriate. We believe that families benefit from the confidence that our support can bring, and may wish to be informed or connected.

Our 24/7 response teams are experienced and attentive when responding to events and emergencies. They understand needs, anxieties and concerns of the people we support.



With skilled staff behind us you can be sure that you have a guarantee of safe, trustworthy and reliable service.



Digital Home Care aims to benefit vulnerable people, not make a quick profit - we strive to offer utmost value for money.



Our reputation is as important to us as the service you receive, so we set and maintain the highest standards throughout.


National & Local 

Digital Home Care was created specifically to improve the services available to vulnerable residents - we're your Social Care partner.

High quality, future proof 

 home equipment

We aim to provide the best equipment there is- giving you confidence in services whose reliabiltiy is vital!

All your equipment is '2025 ready' – it has dual capabilities. The UK phone system is being replaced, right now. Increasingly, older analogue systems may not connect. In 2025 it's planned to switch off the current analogue services and calls will need to be made through digital comms.So your home hub and it's associated devices will work with both the old and the new systems, without an expensive replacement.

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