It offers your loved one just that little extra level of protection.

Take a look at our Confidence basic package to find out all about what the basic subscription has to offer, which is included as standard with ASSURED.


ASSURED offers you all the benefits of CONFIDENCE, including features such as the Home Care Hub with the wristband alert and the wireless smoke alert/detector. 

In addition you will have access to an automated fall detector.       (VIBBY)

Automatic Fall Detector

This is different to the wristband alert, as it does not require manual activation.  

The detector is of a modern design and resembles a wrist watch, it is also comfortable to wear and will work both in the home and outside to a range of approximately 200 metres away from the Home Care Hub.

Extra safety

The benefit of the "Vibby" fall detector is in the event of a fall, it  automatically recognises that the wearer has fallen to the ground and automatically sends an alert to the Home Care Hub.  

An emergency call opens up to our 24/7 monitoring centre, who will assess the situation and act  to the call accordingly. (Someone will talk to you via the Vibby). 


In the event of a fall and an injury being sustained, the emergency services may be required to attend. In order to allow for effective and prompt entry into the home, then a keysafe situated outside of the home may be effective in allowing this. We stock within our store the UK’s only Police certified keysafe, which has achieved "Secured by Design" accreditation.

Our Assured digital Home Care package costs £45 /month. Again this package can be upgraded at any time when the need may arise.

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