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Why do I pay separately for equipment?

There are a number of reasons. We take the view that we should only continually charge for the support services we are actually providing and that your equipment simply enables. We do not continually make a monthly charge simply for it 'being there'.

Who installs the equipment?

There are no special skills needed. All the equipment can be set-up by a family member or friend.

Your digital home-care hub is preprogrammed for you in advance and the peripherals for your support package communicate with it wirelessly.

There are easy to follow instructions but if you are unsure how to position them, connect your home hub first. Then when you test this, simply ask for guidance when it connects with our team.

If you need any help, let us know.

Do I need telephone?

If you have a working telephone socket you can connect your home hub (the correct cable is already installed to the rear of the hub). If you don't have a standard land line, you can connect the hub to the rear of your wifi router.

If you have neither standard telephone or wifi router, your equipment can not function and you should contact us.

Do I need wifi?

For the moment the answer is 'no'. However, your equipment will alert our team much faster if it communicates via a broadband router. Also there are a large number of additional services and capabilities that we can provide to you if your home hub is connected via a broadband router.

The UK's telephone network is presently being changed from the legacy analogue structure to a faster digital one, with far more capability. It's planned to 'switch off' the current system in 2025 and every home will communicate solely via digital. There will therefore a need for home appliances to be compatible with this.

Based on experience of other countries that have already made the switch, as telephone infrastructure becomes increasingly digital users may experience alert delays, dropped connections and failed connections.

You can therefore rest assured because your equipment is dual purpose – and therefore 'future-proof'. It can already communicate via both analogue and digital networks and continuity of our services will be totally transparent to you.

What is the reliability of the equipment?

Although we correctly place emphasis on your support services, it's vital that the equipment delivering this is second to none.

We integrate our services with home devices from TeleAlarms who have been designing and manufacturing this type of equipment for decades. They are leaders in digital communications and we are working closely with them to help us deliver further advanced services to you.

The equipment is certified under ISO 9000 – the independent international testing organisation.

We also add extra specialised equipment to meet specific personal needs, for example epilepsy. This is provided by Alert-it and integrated by TeleAlarms to be compatible with your home-care comms hub.

Where is the equipment from?

TeleAlarms is a Swiss design and engineering company with offices in the UK. They have their production facilities in Leipzig Germany.

Alert-it is a UK manufacturer of specialised equipment recognised and widely used by NHS and medical practitioners.

Who answers alerts?

Our team provides HomeGuard services for local government and does so for thousands of vulnerable people and their families – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What if the equipment is faulty?

Please do check the condition of your equipment as soon as it arrives and let us know of any damage straight away so that we arrange its replacement. It's also important to set up your equipment as soon as possible equipment and connect to our 24/7 monitoring team; just to confirm that all is OK.

Why are you more expensive?

We like to think of ourselves as providing quality. Quality of equipment, plu quality of support and service. In addition to the basic services associated with accidents, anxiety and other emergencies, we recognise ans are providing more proactive services in connection with well-being, social inclusion and more.

Those who have decreasing mobility or whose memory is not as good as it used to be are likely to need more support as time passes. It's our aim to ensure that they're still able to lead enjoyable and independent lives in their familiar home surroundings.

We are also committed to serving the families of residents - informing, engaging and, where appropriate, having them participate in response to events and activities.

Our research and development of advanced services and further equipment is based up needs growing over time and hence the importance placed upon the upwards compatibility of your base home installation.

What if I change my mind?

If you are dissatisfied with any part of the TeleHealth Central service, simply return your equipment in good condition within 14 days and will refund payment without question.

Who is TeleHealth Central?

We are part of the Archemys Holdings Limited group. AHL has been providing support services to public sector and education organisations for many years. Several years ago we became involved with the care  and well-being of those wanting remote support to enable them to live confidently and independently at home.

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