Monthly Service Packages



Programming Charge: £65

First Month payment: £93.50


(followed by £28.50/month thereafter)


     Home Care Hub

     Tx Transmitter wristband 

     Smoke Detector/ Alert 



Programming Charge: £80

First Month payment: £125


(followed by £45/month thereafter)


       Home Care Hub  (TA74)

        TX Transmitter wristband 

       Smoke Detector/Alert

     Fall Detector (Vibby)

          (automatic-doesn't need   pressing)



Programming Charge: £90

First Month payment: £158


(followed by £68/month thereafter)


     Home Care Hub  (TA74)

      TX Transmitter wristband 

        Smoke Detector/ Alert 

     Fall Detector  (VIBBY)

           (automatic-doesn't need pressing)

     Alarm Contact

          (automatic door/window exit )

     Bogus Caller

     Customise your own message

    2 reminder messages 

         (EG. to get up and put on the wrist
         band- your own message)

    Reminder to take your medication

    Receive Social Call contact:

         Up to 7 /week

    Check & Go option 

        (Is the person up and safe?)



Programming Charge: £99

First Month payment: £198


(followed by £99/month thereafter)


     Home Care Hub  (TA74)

      TX Transmitter wristband 

        Smoke Detector/ Alert 

     Fall Detector  (VIBBY)

           (automatic-doesn't need pressing)

     Alarm Contact

          (automatic door/window exit )

     Bogus Caller

     Customise your own message

    2 reminder messages 

         (EG. to get up and put on the wrist
         band- your own message)

    Reminder to take your medication

    Receive Social Call contact:

         Up to 7 /week

    Check & Go option 

        (Is the person up and safe?)

     Your choice between a motion detector or a temperature Sensor Alert


High Quality Monitored Equipment

You can find a detailed description as well as all information about our products in the list below.


Carefree living with innovative technology

  • The TA74 Home Care Hub offers multiple innovations that helps you manage your home care service easily, efficiently and economically

  • Easy installation through "plug and play” programming. It can be connected to your telephone line (socket) or to your broadband router. You do not need wifi to have this installed!

  • This is the key product to which all assistive devices can be connected. 
  • Available in black and white.

    The TA74  Home Care Hub offer the following advantages

  •  pre-programmed for your needs • Quick and easy programming 
    • Various communication protocols
    • Best in class audio quality
    • Always up to date via software remote updates
    • Activity monitoring • Vocal reminders
    • Easy care – easy to clean and waterproof according to IP32
    • 100% high-quality ABS material in premium white (black available on request)


With the Tx Transmitter wristband, it is possible to activate alarms such as emergency calls with the push of a button and to send them to the corresponding Home Care Hub, where they are passed on to a 24-hour control centre. This way, customers can call for help at any time, even if the phone is not in direct proximity or can no longer be operated. A fall detector can also be incorporated if required. The transmitter provides an optical signal for alarm activation with an LED display and is protected from the effects of the elements, such as water and dust, which makes it very sturdy resistant to faults and malfunctions.


The battery service life of this wristband transmitter is five years, assuming one daily alarm transmission and a battery service check as well as radio link monitoring. The automatic radio link and battery monitoring takes place every 20 to 31 hours, depending on the type, and immediately performs both checks of the battery level as well as the functionality of the device. In this way, failed sensors which can cause malfunctions can be detected early and replaced. As a result, costs and expenses can be reduced or prevented. This supplemental security service makes the use of the transmitter even more appealing and secure.


The Tx Transmitter is waterproof and dustproof and conforms to protective class IP67. The permissible temperature range is between -10 and +55°C, in which it is considered particularly stable. Due to its special resistance to ambient effects, it is possible to use it in locations such as a kitchen or bathroom, where there is a greater probability that it can come into contact with dirt, dust or liquid. The Tx Transmitter is easy to operate and is a very sturdy companion. You can wear the wristband transmitter on your clothing, around your neck or on your wrist and enjoy your daily routine without any restrictions.

High Quality-Innovative technology  All products are linked to your home care hub ,24/7monitored and pre programmed.

A smoke detector works as an early warning system.

It sounds an alarm as soon as smoke is detected in the home, triggering the Home Care Hub to pass a call to the 24-hour control centre.

Easy Set up.


The optical smoke detector functions via the scattered light principle. In normal cases, no light falls on the photo diode. Instead, scattered light only occurs as soon as smoke particles penetrate into the integrated measurement chamber. In this case, the photo diode detects that the light beam of smoke particles is reflected. Here if a certain value is exceeded, the alarm is activated and this is forwarded to the HomeCare Hub. Automatic battery monitoring is also integrated into the smoke detector, which signals low battery levels and forwards a message to the receiver.

Installation and mounting

Because the smoke detector uses wireless technology, cabling is not necessary. All that is required is to mount the detector base with two screws (included in delivery) to the ceiling. Here it is important that the smoke detector is mounted within range of the HOme Care Hub, so that the radio signal can be received. After installation and programming, the test sensor attached to the detector checks for the proper functioning of the alarm on site and the alarm transfer via the HomeCare Hub.. You can also use the test sensor to link the smoke detector to the HomeCare Hub.


  • • “Maintenance-free” with only one battery   change
    • Early smoke detection thanks to the scattered     light principle
    • Connection to the home care hub via the radio   module
    • Easy configuration and setup
    • Inconspicuous due to unique design
    • Environmentally friendly due to less battery and plastic waste

Reliable help in case of emergency 

(Deliveries for this device may be a little longer than normal).

The Fall Detector is worn on the wrist and is equipped with a help call button, allowing automatic alarm activation in the event of a severe fall. It can be a life-saver in the case of subsequent immobility. It can be used outside, in the garden.

It’s also a radio transmitter linked to the Homecare Hub. That means an improved safety experience for the user who can trigger an alarm in an emergency.

Simple Configuration. 

Automatic fall detector: Reliable hlep in case of emergency

The fall detector is equipped with an emergency call button which is identified by tactile raised dots. The detector enables the automatic triggering of an alarm in the event of a heavy fall.*

The fall detector recognizes a heavy fall and undertakes an analysis of this. After 20 seconds, the  detector begins to flash and vibrate (also for 20 seconds). Thereby the user is informed that the fall has been recognized. During this time the alarm can still be cancelled. If not cancelled, the alarm is triggered and transmitted to your Homecare Hub.

In order to cancel an alarm, the user can either stand up within the first 20 seconds or cancel the pre-alarm by covering the detector with the hand for 2 seconds. As soon as the vibration stops, the hand can be removed. This ensures a false alarm can be avoided.

The Vibby OAK is more than a fall detector, it’s also a radio transmitter linked to the Homecare Hub. That means an improved safety experience for the user who can trigger an alarm in an emergency.

The Fall Detector enables Optimized Fall Recognition

The fall detector, via a series of sensors and a powerful algorithm, analyses movements, recognizes a heavy fall and triggers an alarm. If a user loses balance and needs help, although no fall has been recognized, he or she can manually trigger an alarm at any time via the emergency call button.

Highly Comfortable to Wear

The fall detector is worn comfortably on the wrist just like a watch and doesn’t impede the user’s hand movements. The plastic from which the fall detector is made is waterproof, as well as being hypoallergenic. The technical features of the fall detector are also impressive: the battery doesn’t need to be charged and the maximum transmission range in a free field is 300 metres. The battery is replaceable and has an up to 2 years battery life.

Simple Configuration

The Vibby OAK is easy to install as it is already pre-configured with our Home Care Hub, ready to wear on the wrist. However, it still must be registered into the HomeCare Hub before being used. Detailed operating instructions in four languages are included (German, English, French and Dutch).

Alerts of unusual exits

  • The Wireless Alarm Contact can be used to monitor presence (passive alarm) or to transmit particular events.
  • Access and exit points can be secured using alarm contacts.
  • The alarm can be activated by approaching and/or moving away a magnet, or by the opening and/or closing of an electrical contact.

The safety of the individual is always our top priority. People entering care are used to their own independence, but in a nursing home rules must be applied, and under some circumstances this involves a certain degree of monitoring to prevent patients – particularly those with dementia – from passing beyond predefined areas. Access and exit points can be secured using alarm contacts.

What are the benefits?

Particularly at the start of a stay in a nursing home, an elderly person might wake up at night and not recognise their surroundings. Sometimes doors or windows are opened by the resident, which poses a potential risk. Because there is usually a reduced number of staff on duty in place at night, it is difficult for them to monitor all the residents at the same time. If alarm contacts are attached to the windows and doors, the entrances and exits from the rooms can be automatically secured. If a door or a window opens, an alarm is immediately activated.


External magnets have to be attached to a fixed point on the doors or the windows. If the corresponding doors or windows open, the magnetic field is interrupted and the alarm is transmitted via a radio connection. The service life of the battery is 3 years on average. Every day a test message is performed to monitor the functionality. If the power level of the batteries drops under 20%, a message is shown from the contact alarm. The radio signal is always transmitted to at least 250m in free space.

  • +3year battery life
  • 250m minimum range in free field 
  • Daily test message 

Protection and peace of mind

Fixed near the door or beside your bed, the bogus caller button is an emergency panic button that will provide reassurance for anyone who is concerned about the potential risks of unwanted callers.

  • Links to our HomeCare Hub

If you fear that an intruder or burglar is trying to gain access to your house, the emergency "panic Button" will be activated when pressed and sends a call for help to our Control Centre, where our trained staff can listen in to the situation and intervene if necessary. Such incidents will also be automatically recorded and may be used in evidence.

It links wirelessely to your Homecare Hub and is easy to install.  It provides protection and gives you peace of mind, 24 hours a day. 

Product Features:

  • * Integral ambient temperature sensor
  • * Automated regular pendant test reminder
  • * 75% more efficient power adaptor
  • * Improved battery back-up
  • * Improved virtual sensor management
  • * Flexible voice recordings
  • * Enhanced reminders
  • * Portable installer keypad/ID card
  • * Table stand/wall mount options

  • 24/7 monitoring centre

You can decide the format and timing of messages that can be automatically delivered to your relatives or any vulnerable residents. 

Timed appropriately, your home hub can remind residents to put on their wristband.  

Timed appropriately, your home hub can gently but firmly remind residents to take medication on time. 

It's important just to know that there is someone there, ready to talk to you. Isolation can lead to emotional & mental issues. We will make a call via the home hub, to be certain that all is well and take note of any issues. 

Our unique check and go service allows you to have the peace of mind that your loved one is up and about ready to face the day ahead.
Using the intelligent programming in the digital home hub, we programme a parameter from 7am-10am (or customisable to your needs), in which your loved one, once up, activates a button on the digital home hub to let the hub know they are up and ok and have 'checked in'. In the event that the home hub does not receive this activation within the set parameter, the home hub initiates a call through to you so you can communicate directly with your loved one to make sure everything is ok. In the event that you are unable to answer the call generated by the home hub, it will automatically fall back to our dedicated 24/7 control centre ensuring the call does not go unanswered and to check everything is ok and no assistance is required.

A temperature detector ensures security

Temperature detectors are particularly useful for rooms in which carbon monoxide detectors cannot be fitted

A temperature sector checks the room temperature every 8 seconds and reacts as soon as the temperature reaches 57°

Covers an area of 25 M2.

Links to the Home Care Hub

If  room temperature should reach 57°C, the device checks in the next three cycles whether the temperature continues to be over 57°C. After an additional three measurements, the alarm is triggered and the Hone Care Hub immediately alerts the 24-hour control centre. In addition, an optical signal is activated via LED and a signal tone. This early warning of possible hazardous temperatures makes it possible to act before people are injured and infrastructure is damaged. As soon as the temperature has decreased after an alarm, the temperature detector shifts to operational readiness within half a minute.

Temperature detectors as a logical alternative

Temperature detectors are particularly useful for rooms in which carbon monoxide detectors cannot be fitted; for example, in kitchens or in workshops where smoke formation is likely. Temperature detector should not be installed near ovens and stoves. An area of 25m² can be monitored with the temperature detector.

More protection through an automatic battery check

In order for you to be able to rely on the temperature detector in an emergency, automatic battery monitoring is performed, during which failures can be detected. Even during installation there is a small safety check – if no battery is inserted into the temperature detector, it cannot be attached to the socket. The function of the temperature detector should then be checked using the test button. If a warning tone sounds, the temperature detector is working properly. If no warning tone sounds, you should check the battery and if necessary replace it with a new one. In addition to the radio link monitoring, possible faults in the function of the temperature detector can be checked. This monitoring allows broken sensors, which interrupt the functionality of the device, to be detected.

Monitors a room & transmits info to the HomeCare Hub

The monitor (infrared detector) is operated in combination with your home care hub.  It is used to monitor a room and transmit presence information to the Home Care Hub.

The sensor is installed inside the residence in a room that the person requiring assistance,  has to pass through when they are at home, e.g. in the hallway.


The wireless motion sensor WNX-40PI-T (passive infrared detector) is operated in combination with our HomeCare Hub. 

The activity monitor can be reset via the daily button or via a wireless motion sensor. In this instance, the detector serves as an external daily button for the HomeCare Hub.

The activity monitoring in the HomeCare hub will only be reset if the sensor detects a movement. Unlike triggering via the daily button, the motion sensor doesn’t generate a voice announcement.

Digital Quad Zone Logic

The wireless motion sensor has 78 zones to cover the detection field. More than 4 zones are used to check whether a transmission should be made. This technology improves the accuracy in the detection of people and avoids false detections due to pets.

Temperature Compensation 

The sensitivity of the motion sensor is automatically increased at high temperatures, especially in places where the temperature varies between 35 – 37°C, close to that of the human body.

  • Monitoring zone: 12m x 12m
  • 4-7 year battery lifetime
  • Automatic test signal min. every 24 hours
  • Automatic temperature compensation 
  • 78 zones to cover detection field 

A police approved keysafe enables easy attendance by professionals in case of a collapse or emergency.

1) Your Home-Hub will be individually       programmed for daily activities & routine, plus personal circumstances:

  • internally to devices and sensors in the home

  • externally - at our 24/7 monitoring centres and family engagement if appropriate

2) Daily activities/routine can include

  • up & active check – 'all OK?' message

  • unusual activity

  • well & retiring check - 'all OK?' message

  • proactive well-being regimes – medication, social inclusion etc.

3) Monitoring service type

  • 24/7 emergency response

  • non urgent 'social' response – family, home carer

  • non urgent fail-safe response

Residents' online set-up and testing help desk

Do you need a Custom Monitored Service Package?

We also offer customizable packages because we understand every person is different and circumstances differ. Our team will start listening to your story, and offer the best solution for you.

Digital Home Care can provide total support. 

In addition to the services above and products in our Store, we can integrate our digital support with personal home care visits!


  • A Home-hub plugs into your phone line or broadband router  and you wear a discreet, comfortable wristband.

  • The alarm button works in the house or garden so you're in contact wherever you are in your home!

  • Additional products such as smoke detectors and door exit monitors make the service suitable for a wide range of needs.

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